2014 Honda Civic Launches With New HondaLink, Siri Eyes Free Feature

By | December 03, 2013
Arriving in dealerships Wednesday, the 2014 Honda Civic will debut Honda's next-generation HondaLink and smartphone connectivity. For the first time in a Honda vehicle, Siri Eyes Free will be featured as factory-installed equipment. Honda previewed its new, more interactive HondaLink connectivity system with a seven-inch touchscreen and a revised navigation setup. With the new system, drivers can swipe and tap parts of the map just like on a smartphone to zoom in or out on certain areas. A special tracking line prevents drivers from losing their overall route on the map when zooming in. The Navigation App, which includes 3D mapping and continuously updated traffic info, is one of four specialty apps available on the new HondaLink. Another is the Connect App, which provides location services, maintenance reminders and scheduling, and more. The Aha App provides broader access to audio content and the new Launcher App finds third party apps that drivers can integrate into the display audio system. Another new feature is HondaLink Assist that helps drivers in an emergency.
Those with iPhone 5, 5S, or 5C phones will be able to access all features of HondaLink on the 2014 Honda Civic. Compatibility for Android phones is expected to be available for next year. The automaker also announced that the 2014 Civic will allow drivers to access Apple's Siri personal assistant without having to pick up their iPhones. Drivers can activate Siri through a Siri button on the steering wheel when the phone is paired with Bluetooth. The function can read and send messages and email, access the phone's music library, and check weather and other important information for the driver. Siri Eyes Free also blacks out the phone's screen while the car is in operation to make sure drivers are focused on the road. Source: Honda