2014 Honda Insight Priced; Still Cheapest Hybrid in U.S.

By Jacob Brown | November 18, 2013
The 2014 Honda Insight is a maligned, dreary little hatchback (yes, we speak from experience). But it does have three saving graces: It's Honda-reliable, it gets great fuel economy, and it has a new-car warranty. If you really feel the need to count a fourth virtue, it's the cheapest hybrid on sale today. That's the equivalent of saying you got you prom tux at Wal-Mart. Starting at a healthy $18,725, not including $790 for destination and handling, the Honda Insight putters along with automatic climate control, a 160-watt stereo, and power windows as standard equipment. The next-up Honda Insight LX carries those features, but adds steering wheel-mounted audio controls, a USB port, floor mats, an armrest console (yes, seriously, this is still an option in some cars in 2013), and floor mats. Next up the food chain is the Honda Insight EX, which adds automatic headlights, alloy wheels, heated side mirrors, Bluetooth, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a six-speaker audio system. From there, a navigation system is still yet available, and it also comes with a backup camera and FM traffic monitor.
All 2014 Honda Insights wheeze along with a 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine and Integrated Motor Assist hybrid powertrain that's good for some 98 horsepower. The car is rated at 41 mpg city/44 mpg highway, which almost makes suffering through the ownership of a Honda Insight seem worth it. Almost. Prices for all models are below, not including $790 for destination and handling: Insight $18,725 Insight PZEV $18,725 Insight LX $20,500 Insight LX PZEV $20,500 Insight EX $22,190 Insight EX PZEV $22,190 Insight EX with Navi $23,915 Insight EX with Navi PZEV $23,915 Source: Honda