2014 Kia Cadenza to Come with Three Years of Free Scheduled Maintenance

By Jacob Brown | May 10, 2013
And you thought you were cool because your BMW came with three years of free scheduled maintenance. It turns out that the Koreans can play that game, too. The 2014 Kia Cadenza is receiving free scheduled maintenance, covering six appointments over the first three years or 37,500 miles. The premium full-size sedan, the first that Kia has sold on this side of the pond since 2009, has the first complimentary service program since Kia started selling cars in the U.S. for 1995. Then again, this is just one of two vehicles Kia has ever sold in the U.S. that can stretch above $40,000; the other one being the Kia Sorento. "The Cadenza competes in a class in which customers have higher expectations for their ownership experience. Our complimentary scheduled maintenance program--a benefit many would not have previously associated with the Kia brand--fulfills those expectations," said John Crowe, vice president of service and after sale operations, KMA, in a statement. "The program helps differentiate the Cadenza from its competition and illustrates Kia’s intentions of launching a credible contender into the emerging space between mainstream and luxury." Also included in the 2014 Kia Cadenza's complimentary service package is UVO with eServices' maintenance scheduler, which can read the diagnostic information the car sends and then forward that to a dealership to schedule an appointment at the owner's behest. Linking with the driver's smartphone in what Kia calls Car Care Web, users can check out diagnostic information, schedule appointments, check out their driving patterns, and even set a perimeter for where the car should and shouldn't be driven. Think about that if you're letting your kid borrow your Cadenza for prom. The 2014 Kia Cadenza went on sale late last month starting at $35,900, including $800 for destination and handling. We're driving it next week and will report back if the car is up to the snuff expected of a car with its premium price and intended placement in the market. Source: Kia