2014 Mazda6 and Takeri Concept Look More Alike Than You'd Think

By Jacob Brown | September 25, 2012
A classic example of disappointment that plagues the automotive industry comes when concept cars come to fruition as production vehicles. In the beginning at the auto show, there's generally gobs of fanfare, celebrities, scantily clad models with introductions of concept cars. And there's a general understanding that what's seen on the turntable will likely trickle down into an automaker's portfolio. Then, a few months or a few years later, disappointment strikes. Those shiny wheels are dulled down and a few sizes smaller. The crisp lines are rounded off, made easier for machines to mass produce. Suits in the finance department say that a certain amount of glitz has to go to stay under budget. And what you once knew and loved in its concept form becomes the next Pontiac Aztek. Mazda didn't really go for that, though. Not with the 2014 Mazda6 midsize sedan. Previewed in the new "KODO—Soul of motion" design language that is making its way through Mazda as the Takeri, the Mazda6 actually looks remarkably like the vehicle that previewed it. "If you view the two cars next to each other it is easy to see just how strongly one resembles the other," says Peter Birtwhistle, Mazda's chief designer in Europe. "While some manufacturers tent to heavily camouflage their teaser show cars—creating a coupe concept when in reality the production version will be a five-door hatch—we took the decision with the Takeri to base it as closely as possible to the final production car," he continued. The results are dramatic, too. Where most concept cars are toned down greatly—or just not that toned up in some cases—the Takeri's biggest changes into becoming the 2014 Mazda6 are production-ready mirrors, thicker pillars for crash protection, and rear-window pillars to make it easier for the windows to go down. That's it. Other things like the exhaust pipes, door handles, lights, and gas filler are just par for the production-car course. "This car sits beautifully on the road,” says Birtwhistle. “It’s low, curvaceous and cleanly detailed. It looks just like a concept car let loose on the motorway. Which is really what it is," Birtwhistle said. Look for our first drive of the 2014 Mazda6 soon with the car making its way to the U.S. show circuit later this year before going on sale in 2013. Source: Mazda

Honestly, the rear looks like a Hyundai Sonata's.