2014 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Confirmed

It wasn't long ago that the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, however, the 911 GT3 RS variant has now been confirmed. It is likely that the RS will have the GT3's dual-clutch PDK gearbox and electric steering, which offers more involvement than a manual option. With the new gearbox, there will be quicker shifting times, and the steering may be tuned to match the RS-specific suspension. Andreas Preuninger told Car Magazine earlier this week that "There's no chance of a manual. We don't want to offer too many options on our GT cars. And if you've got a manual and a PDK you've got to have different set-ups for the suspension, the aero, the tires, everything." This may disappoint the more hardcore Porsche fans, but the new gearbox should meet all expectations. The new GT3 RS will be usable as a daily driver, opening up more possibilities for the model. It will have a bigger wing that the last version, with possible front aero tweaks to help with rear downforce. Thanks to the aluminum body, weight savings on the GT3 are almost topped out. Any more weight reductions will be complex and costly to the buyer. If a carbon fiber roof would be placed on the new GT3, the weight savings would be less than a pound. With more expensive exterior parts, it's possible to get another 11 to 15 pound reduction, but that would bring the price of the vehicle up another $25,000. Preuninger also spoke of the power of the new GT3 RS, saying that although the GT3's power is officially rated at 469 brake horsepower, it might actually be closer to the 493 brake horsepower produced by the GT3 RS 4.0. With these kinds of numbers, the new RS will most likely have over 500 brake horsepower. Source: Car Magazine