2014 Toyota Prius Plug-In Price Drops Below $30K, Attempt to Spur Sales

By Matthew Askari | October 09, 2013
Toyota is slashing the price of its 2014 Prius plug-in hybrid by $2,010 in an attempt to woo customers. The 2014 Prius Plug-in will now start at $29,990--and more importantly--catch the attention of potential buyers searching for cars below $30,000. The 2014 Prius Plug-in is also eligible for a $2,500 federal tax credit.
Toyota is the highest volume seller in California, and as such under California law must also sell the most low-polluting cars in the state, according to a report in Automotive News. Toyota missed its sales target of 15,000 Prius Plug-in models last year, selling 12,750. This year has seen similar response from consumers, with year-to-date sales at nearly 8,000 models through September. Sales overall in the plug-in hybrid and battery only segment hit a record of 67,000 models through September, far surpassing the 52,000 total models for all of 2012.
The 2014 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid comes well equipped, with standard features including: heated cloth front seats; remote climate which allows owners to activate the A/C while not in the vehicle; the ability to drive in pure-electric mode for up to 11 miles; unique 10-spoke alloy wheels, and an additional year of Roadside Assistance through ToyotaCare, for a total of three years. Toyota also drastically reduced the price of its Advanced model. After a reduction of $4,620, the 2014 Toyota Prius Plug-in Advanced model now starts at $34,905. Prices do not include a delivery fee.
Source: Toyota, Automotive News (subscription required)