2015 BMW i8 Photos Spill Onto Internet Before Official Frankfurt Debut

By Jacob Brown | September 03, 2013
Remember a few years back when Tom Cruise drove a futuristic-looking BMW in Mission Impossible -- Ghost Protocol? That was a concept car version of the BMW i8. If you had your sights on the car, we have good news for you: BMW is, in fact, putting the car into production. Here's the better news: We now have photographic proof that the 2015 BMW i8 is on its way for this month's Frankfurt Motor Show.
Seen here are two leaked photos of the new hybrid sports coupe, one of a side profile with its doors up and the other of the car's interior.
Like the concept, the 2015 BMW i8 retains swing-up doors, with a tri-tone paint job accenting the car's lines and curves. Unfortunately, the entire door panel is no longer glass like it was on the concept, but crash safety standards have their place in the world. Deal with it.
Inside, the 2015 BMW i8's dashboard mimics the BMW i3's and looks decidedly more conservative than the concept. Power comes from a hybrid powertrain with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine. The result is a total 362 horsepower, a 22-mile range on electric power up to 75 mph, and a 0-60 time estimated by BMW to be around 4.5 seconds. The car weighs just 3,200 pounds, thanks to heavy use of carbon fiber and aluminum. We're eager to see more of the 2015 BMW i8 beyond these two pictures, but the wait shouldn't be too long. The Frankfurt Motor Show begins on September 10, and we should know more about the car as it pertains to the U.S. sometime by the end of the year. Source: BMW via Left Lane News