2015 is the Year of Fuel Cell Cars says Japan

By Automotive Staff | March 24, 2008
So, when will we see the promise of the hydrogen fuel cell come to reality? Well, according to some Japanese auto makers, the key year for its commercialization will be 2015. Honda, Nissan and Toyota, companies that are working to develop the fuel cell, admit that there is a long period of work that is necessary to make the technology viable. Obstacles that must be overcome, say these Japanese companies, is to improve durability of the vehicles, reduce their cost, and to develop the hydrogen infrastructure. They all believe that this can be achieved by 2015. Companies involved in the development of the hydrogen infrastructure say that they need government assistance to develop it well in advance. They argue that the government will have to help hydrogen stations that will have to operate in the red as more cars with fuel cells are introduced. via Tech-On!