A Faster Box: Volvo Polestar Tuning Package Available For Swedish Speed Freaks

By Blake Z. Rong | November 08, 2011
Want to haul your flat-pack furniture even faster? Or your spherical meat products, or your gelatinous fish-shaped candy, or your various Sweden-related accoutrements? Well now you can do so in your Volvo at an even more spirited rate, thanks to tuning company Polestar and its available upgrades for popular Volvo models. The Polestar package is available for Volvos with the T5 engine—namely, the C30 coupe, C70 convertible, and S40 sedan. The $1,295 package (including installation) alters the ECU for more power, and is good for 23 horsepower and 29 lb-ft. of torque. Fuel efficiency remains unchanged, and perhaps most importantly, all Polestar-modified cars retain their original factory warranty from Volvo. A package for the V50 wagon with all-wheel-drive and a manual transmission will be available soon, which should make for a fun family scoot. Polestar has been the official tuning arm of Volvo since 1996, but has only just made it to America. Better late than never, we say. The company has prepped Volvos for racing in the Swedish and World Car Championships, with an emphasis on biofuels and environmentally-friendly racing, which isn’t the oxymoron that one might be inclined to believe.
Source: Volvo