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A Front-Wheel Drive Mustang?

By | November 07, 2013
Ford has made a number of changes to the iconic Mustang over the years. Early versions of the car provided tiny 101-horsepower engines that pale in comparison to today's V8 behemoths. The car has been equipped with everything from three-speed transmissions to more advanced six-speeds and early V4s to V6 and V8 models. Despite all the variations, never has the Mustang been front-wheel drive. But it almost was. It turns out Ford seriously considered the idea a few times and even produced detailed sketches of potential front-wheel drive Mustangs. The first time the idea came about was during the 1979 energy crisis that prompted automakers to consider producing more fuel-efficient models. This is when Ford mulled the idea of a new Mustang that sat on a Mazda 626 platform, a decision that would have likely transformed the entire nature of the vehicle. Despite the backlash created from this attempt, Ford tried once again a decade later, but the idea never came to fruition. It is quite a story. Check out Automobile Magazine's piece, "The Front-Wheel Drive Ford Mustangs That Never Were," for a detailed history of the elusive front-wheel drive Mustang. Source: Automobile Magazine
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want to see concave wheels on ford mustang.

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Ryan F
Ryan F

Ford has never made a V4 engine. All of their 4 cylinder engines have been inline.