Absolutely Gorgeous BMW Zagato Coupe to Debut at Concourso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

By Jacob Brown | May 25, 2012
Lately, BMW has made plenty of excellent-driving and well-engineered vehicles, but some have left have styling to be desired. Fortunately, there's always Zagato to the rescue. And if there's one thing the coachbuilder is good at, it's making just about anything drool-worthy. Take this BMW Zagato Coupe, for instance. Zagato says it designed the car free-form, without the constraints of meeting safety standards, or any modern government standards for that matter. But that doesn't mean the car can't be driven legally, because the shared BMW engineering underneath still guarantees the car's roadworthiness. The story here, though, is just how beautiful this car is, sharing what looks to be its basic dimensions with the BMW Z4 hardtop roadster but also using Zagato's signature "double bubble" roofline, upswept rear quarter windows, abbreviated "Kamm"-style rear end, and large, scalloped cooling ducts on either front fender.
Inside and out, Zagato outfitted its Coupe with "Z" patterns on the seats and in the twin kidney grilles. And it designed the car's 19-inch five-spoke wheels to resemble propellers, a nod to both the founding inspirations behind BMW and Zagato. It's another one of Zagato's "Vmax" concepts, a long series of cars that have included Aston Martins and Alfa Romeos that are optimized to be road-legal in both function and safety. Leaving the engineering to BMW, Zagato designed and built its latest coupe by hand in a manner reminiscent to coachbuilding techniques used decades ago by the finest automakers. This car is finished in a one-off "Rosso Vivace" paint color. The car will be shown first at Italy's Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, one of the world's premiere concours classic auto shows. Not coincidentally, BMW is its largest sponsor. As of right now, the BMW Zagato Coupe is a one-off. But if you're the sort with a black card and don't mind asking around a little, we're pretty sure Zagato will craft one for you. No prices have been announced, but we're pretty sure it ain't going to be cheap. Source: BMW