ACLU "Police Tape" App Allows For Recording Encounters

By Matthew Askari | July 06, 2012
The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey has developed a smartphone app called "Police Tape," that will allow you to record encounters with police. While the great majority of law enforcement in this country is excellent at doing what can often be a thankless and challenging job, incidents do occur where an officer steps out of line. To help combat this type of abuse, the ACLU's app will record the encounter, and once uploaded, it will be stored in a remote server where it cannot be deleted. The app even features a stealth mode, where the screen will not show that your Smartphone is recording "to prevent any attempt by police to squelch the recording." It's important to note this app was developed by the New Jersey branch of the ACLU and is meant only for N.J. residents. State laws vary on the legality of recording these encounters, but you can lawfully record any contact with officers under New Jersey's state law. Currently the free app is available for download on Android devices. An Apple iOS version is expected this summer. That app allows you to record audio, video, or both. We wouldn't be surprised if this app or similar ones became available in other states where such recording is legal, but users should exercise caution and judgment when whipping out or reaching for a phone to record in what can often be a tense situation. Source: ACLU New Jersey