Acura RLX's Final Ultimate Form Emerges From The Dusty Cabinets Of The US Patent Office

By Blake Z. Rong | June 25, 2012
We already know what the 2013 Acura RLX looks like. But these images, leaked from patent filings which are so in vogue these days, are an even clearer look at a car from a company who disguises its auto show debuts as thinly-veiled "concepts." Look past the concept's flashy wheels and baby-food paint, and the patent drawings show a car that's more in line with the current RL than ever before. The rear exhausts have been simplified, and the front end loses its thin spears of chrome for a three-hole opening and room for foglights. The wheels look like the same 5-spokes on the TL. And the character lines behind the front fenders—one of the RLX's precious few styling flourishes—look even more toned down. Dare we say it's a bit boring?
OK, sure. But hopefully the big Acura is more entertaining to drive than it looks—and with its hybrid electric drivetrain and Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, hopefully it will when it comes out next year. Source: TopSpeed