Adventures In Adventure Marketing: The BMW Powder Ride Is A Preppy Skier's Next Ride

By Blake Z. Rong | October 01, 2012
Do you enjoy snow sports? How about flaunting monetary wealth? Were you raised on a brick-laden campus with a strong sense of self-satisfaction? Do you have Take Ivy on backorder? Do you look better in Spandex than Flanders? Are you more Omega Theta Pi than the upstanding young men of Delta House? If so, then has BMW got a ride for you! Meet the BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride: a vehicle that drove off a Mountain Dew label, kitted with all the expensive equipment the ski instructor who stole your wife last year at Chamonix will ever need. That means a comprehensive ski box on top, milled from alumimum, enough to fit a pair of K2 Sidestashes with Marker Duke bindings. Or, actually, a custom pair of K2 LTD Powder Ride skis, complete with BMW logo. There's also a Harman Kardon sound system built not just into the X1 but into the ski box as well: a two-way loudspeaker (via AKG microphone) pumps out 320 watts with a 500-watt subwoofer, which is probably the sort of thing they frown upon at St. Gervais. LED spotlights light up in blue and orange for maximum partying. Be careful not to karaoke near loose powder. The interior is lined with orange stitching and Fineline Bay wood trim, something that its target owners may recognize from their father's catamarans. K2 logos blanket the dashboard, while Powder Ride logos and the greatest misappropriation of heavy metal horns since Berlusconi cover the rear hatch.
And yes! Unlike most pseudo-concepts and marketing tie-ins, you can buy one. The creative minds at BMW and K2 sought fit to imbue Ivy Leaguers from Vail to Sugarloaf with the X1 Powder Ride Edition. Instead of splashy orange graphics, the X1 Powder Ride gets less ostenation but all of BMW's winter ski accessories, including aluminum roof rails, a ski box without the trick audio system, rubber floor mats, a custom ski or snowboard bag, and 18-inch alloy wheels bolted to BMW's xDrive AWD system. The Powder Ride Edition will be available in both xDrive28i and X1 xDrive35i guises. And yes, the aforementioned K2 LTD Powder Ride skis will be included with the BMW. Think of it this way: You're buying a trick new pair of skis that just happens to come with a free car. We have to applaud BMW for not calling it the X1 K2, lest the nameplate gets confused for naval warship coordinates or something. The X1 Powder Ride will only be available this winter, so expect a chairlift-long line out your local BMW dealer. Puffy Michelin Man ski jackets not included.