Advocacy Group Believes Fiat, Jennifer Lopez Responsible if Iran Gets Nuclear Weapons

By Trevor Dorchies | January 18, 2012
File this under "something you don't hear every day." The advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran is calling for American Idol judge "entertainer" Jennifer Lopez and Italian automaker Fiat to sever their ties. It turns out that Fiat supplies complete knock-down car kits for Iran Khodro, the biggest automobile producer in the Middle East. This sort of thing happens regularly in marketing, but the reasoning behind UANI's request is where things start getting weird fast. UANI was founded by former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke, along with other former American diplomats. Holbrooke and the rest of UANI have requested Lopez's removal from Fiat's ads for the 500 to help prevent "Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons." Yes, that's a real quote. UANI believes Fiat's partnership with Lopez will drive Iran far enough over the edge that it will resurface armed to the gills with nuclear weapons. Early reports indicate BMW's Mini, a direct competitor for the Fiat 500, is in Iran's crosshairs first. "Giving the high profile endorsement contract that Ms. Lopez has with Fiat, we’ve decided to contact her and seek her help in pressuring Fiat to end their business in Iran," Richard Carleton, UANI chief communications director told Fox News.
Holbrooke along with the rest of UANI has attempted to get in touch with Lopez personally but hasn't received any acknowledgment back. The advocacy group plans on increasing the pressure towards Lopez and Fiat if nothing is done to rectify the situation by next week. No word yet on what UANI will do if their inquiry goes unanswered but we expect a sharply-worded letter addressed to both Fiat and Lopez will be UANI's next step. As always, stay tuned as more events unfold. Source: Left Lane News, Fox News