Alfa Romeo 4C World Premiere

By | February 13, 2013
Signaling the return to the U.S. market after an almost thirty year absence, Alfa Romeo will introduce the final version of its all-new 4C at the International Geneva Motor Show. The 4C is meant to represent the essence of an Alfa Romeo sports car in performance, Italian style and technical excellence, all the while offering maximum driving satisfaction with total safety. The 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C will be available later this year with a base price of $75,000 in Europe; official U.S. prices haven't been announced. Drawing inspiration from the sporting tradition of the brand's past, the 4C uses technologies and materials derived from super sports cars, like the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. However, everything has been updated to enhance the appeal of the car. The new rear-wheel drive coupe uses an all-aluminum turbocharged four-cylinder engine, with advanced fuel injection, and a scavenging control system that Alfa says helps reduce turbo lag. The 2014 4C's 1750 turbo engine has been partnered with the Alfa TCT automatic twin dry clutch transmission. Gears can also be shifted with paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel. The 4C is just over thirteen feet in length, 46.5-in. high, and has a wheelbase just under eight feet; in short, this is a tiny car. With the compact size of the car, maximum aerodynamic efficiency levels have been reached, and it records a negative down-force coefficient, contributing to increased stability at higher speeds.
Bringing to mind more traditional iconic models, the exterior of the 4C combines extreme mechanical and functional requirements, wrapping the vehicle in unmistakable Alfa Romeo treatments. Inside, the interior has been designed for maximum driving satisfaction, with a carbon fiber interior that enhances the uniqueness of the vehicle. With bucket seating, the 4C, which previously only having three settings, the Alfa DNA selector now features four modes of driving: Dynamic, Natural, All-Weather, and now with Race making its debut in the 4C. Source: Alfa Romeo