All-New Honda Fit and Honda Fit Hybrid Debut in Japan

By | September 06, 2013
Earlier today Honda Motor Co. announced the debut of the new Honda Fit and Fit Hybrid. Currently in its second-generation, this all-new third generation promises to maintain the Fit's benchmark status in the subcompact car segment. The new model features a redesigned powertrain and body, offering better interior comfort and fuel economy, as well as driving performance. Honda has redesigned the 1.3-liter engine to achieve class-leading fuel economy, while the new 1.5-liter engine uses Honda's direct injection technology for a more dynamic driving experience and better power output.  The new Fit Hybrid sports an updated powertrain that can switch automatically between EV, Hybrid, and Engine Drive based off driving conditions. The automaker is also unveiling what it has called the "Exciting H Design," which offers a new exterior, showing the evolution of the traditional Fit design. Inside, it features a more futuristic cockpit, with controls concentrated in specific areas for better driver convenience, a roomy front passenger area, and comfortable rear seats. The new Fit features a newly developed chassis for a more fun driving experience. The Fit has been optimized for higher fuel efficiency, more flexible exterior and interior designs, a quieter interior thanks to sound-absorbing and sound-proofing materials, as well as a new roofline, front pillars, rear lamps, and underbody that have been optimized for better aerodynamics. The chassis offers a smoother, more stable drive, as well as more stable steering, handling, and a comfortable ride with little vibration. When it comes to what models will be heading to the United States, we can say that we'll get the 2014 Honda Fit's better packaging, as well as a more fuel-efficient engine. Exactly which models we'll get is a question mark though. The U.S. model will be built in Mexico, and available in a hatchback and sedan. The more localized production will mean more Fits for the U.S. market, which should mean greater availability, and more Fits in Honda's monthly sales numbers. Honda hopes that the new Fit models will help boost sales, and with new engines, hybrid powertrains, and possible new models making their way to our shores, the automaker just might succeed. Source: Honda