American Customer Satisfaction Index Results Revealed

By | August 27, 2013
According to the 2013 version of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey, Mercedes-Benz can claim to have the most satisfied customers in the industry. Mercedes-Benz managed to score an 88 out of 100, while Lexus, Honda, Toyota, and Subaru rounded out the top five with scores of 87, 86, 86, and 86, respectively. Meanwhile, last year's winner, Lincoln, didn't even make the list thanks to its low market share. European manufacturers had the highest satisfaction score, earning an 84.7, while Japanese automakers came in a close second with 84.1. American automakers scored an 82. All scores are based on email and phone interviews, where 4,078 customers were randomly picked. Customer satisfaction for light vehicles dropped 1.2 percent to 83. Sales for U.S. vehicles are rebounding; however, customer satisfaction fell this year. This drop is contributed to previous improvements in the industry, creating greater customer expectations. "Right now, in the U.S. automakers are churning out cars like crazy. There certainly is some risk there that, on the one hand, they could be stuck with a lot of inventory. On the other hand, even if they’re not. What is there to build future growth on? Really, the only thing to build future sales growth on is to do a better job of satisfying customers," said David VanAmburd, director of ACSI, said in a statement. Higher expectations from customers are pushing automakers to meet demands, a challenge that some automakers struggle with. Buyers are now expecting more and more from their vehicles, and a failure to deliver or exceed these expectations has hurt some brands in terms of customer satisfaction. Source: Automotive News, American Customer Satisfaction Index

@MBUSA Love my '13 C300 but I do have some gripes which if addressed will keep me in a Mercedes.