Americans Bought a Lot of Korean Cars in April

By Jason Davis | May 02, 2012
If you didn't know, Korea's Hyundai and Kia are popular car manufacturers. In fact, the brands are so popular that each, respectively, again beat all kinds of company sales numbers last month. This is what happens when an automaker commits to building quality and feature-laden products at an affordable price. In total, Hyundai sold 62,264 vehicles and Kia sold 47,550 vehicles. Both months represent the best-ever Aprils on each manufacturer's books.
Hyundai Winners:
  • The Accent is the best compact car in its class, according to Motor Trend. In three fewer selling days than April 2011, Hyundai sold 6160 of them, almost 2000 more than April 2011.
  • Believe it or not, Hyundai sold more Santa Fe last month than it did Accent. Because Americans irrationally love SUVs.
  • The Azera is up 399-percent over last April, and 36-percent on the year. Because it's good.
  • We were kinda eh on the Veloster, but apparently, American consumers think it's pretty okay.
Hyundai Losers:
  • The Elantra is a good car, and a successful car, and it still sold a lot last month (16,836 for April '12, compared to 22,100 for April '11). Barely second-most for the brand. But that's a pretty tough segment, you know?
  • The Veloster sold 3192 units last month, which is about 6x more than Veracruz.
Kia Winners:
  • The man in the Adriana Lima Super Bowl commercial. It's still pretty good.
  • The Optima killed it last month with 11,021 units sold, about 5000 more than April 2011, and has more than doubled its yearly figures. We're pretty sure Adriana Lima had something to do with it.
  • 4006 people bought a Rio last month, which is about 1500 more than April 2011.
Kia Losers: Source: Hyundai, Kia