Angry Scion iQ "Pryzm" Unveiled

By Matthew Askari | April 10, 2012
We don't know what to make of the SR group's latest customization, and maybe that's the point: "the objective behind Project Pryzm was to create a car that would leave you speechless." To that we say "Mission Accomplished." But we may have spoken to soon. The Angry Birds look-a-like pocket rocket is unique, to be fair. The SR Group has done some stunning work previously, including work on a Ferrari 458 Italia and an Audi S5 that we liked. For the Pryzm, the group took a stock 2012 Scion iQ, lowered the suspension, employed Sparco 17-inch wheels, and dropped a Premier 4509 body kit onto the unsuspecting iQ. The black and red inadvertent Angry Birds paint scheme finished off the exterior body work. Inside SR reshaped the seats to include thicker side cushions, and did some nifty black leather and red-stitching work to give off a sportier element. The slack-jawed iQ may look like a jock in miniature, but underneath the puny 1.3-liter engine remains, with its double-digit horsepower at the ready. It makes the large air-intakes in front oddly symbolic: this little guy is really just full of hot air.
Source: SR Group