Are Graco Car Seats Trapping Children? NHTSA Investigates

By Blake Z. Rong | October 23, 2012
Are car seats trapping our kids? That's what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says about Graco seats, after it reviewed complaints from 25 customers saying that the seats were too difficult to unlatch, preventing them taking their children out. Car seats are notoriously finicky to use. We know. Our set of modern, state-of-the-art car seats at the office are used to measure storage space and LATCH convenience in our cars, and they're bulky, clumsy, and heavy to use. They have to be. Car seats are designed with extra padding and extra-duty padlocks worthy of the Man In The Iron Mask, in order to protect children from T-bone crashes, rear accidents, rollovers, acts of God, and everything short of a meteor strike (though we hear some of the more fancier ones do that as well). But the reports that the NHTSA has received paint an excessive picture. On Graco Nautilus and MyRide seats, nine people couldn't remove the buckles at all; six had to pull their kids through the harness without undoing the seatbelts. Three people ended up cutting through the seat belts—no easy task in itself, and a startling problem for anyone who needs to remove their child in an emergency situation.
"It is the kind of problem that may crop up in parents’ bad dreams," said the Wall Street Journal, which also states that the investigation is ongoing. No recall has been announced yet, but it could very well happen, depending on the agency's findings. Source: Wall Street Journal