Arizona battles for, agaist Red Stop Lights

By Automotive Staff | April 23, 2009
Arizona drivers are mad as heck about speed cameras and they’re not going to take it anymore. The State Legislature is considering legislation to dismantle them while one Arizona sheriff was elected by opposing them. Voters are gathering signatures on a petition that would force the issue on to the ballot. Many who oppose the use of speed or red light cameras argue that their use is for garnering more revenue for a city rather than to assure safety. They say that fewer than 8 percent of accidents occur because a driver runs a red light. They add that more cities are using them in order to raise much needed revenue in a troubled economic environment. It doesn't help the fact that the biggest companies that promote and operate traffic camera systems for local governments reside in the state. Specifically, the two companies are American Traffic Solutions and Redflex Traffic Systems and both are in Scottsdale, Arizona. Many say that the problem of red light running can be limited by a longer yellow light. Advocates say that a yellow light in the duration of at least three seconds can help in a 25 mph intersection. The Rocky Mountain News, before it closed its doors, discovered that accident prone intersections had their yellow light timed at the state’s minimum of about three seconds or even less. Many proponents of longer yellows have said that some municipalities who are starving for more money purposely shorten the duration of the yellow light to assure red light running in order to write out more tickets.
via Motorists