Armor All Custom Shield Coating Adds Paint Protection Without Compromising Your Car's Looks

By Automotive Staff | July 30, 2013
So you want to keep your car looking good, but you're worried about stone chips or the occasional bird becoming one with your car's grille? Chances are you've had to take your luck exposing your car to the elements or put one of those heavy vinyl bras on it and look like a dork stuck in 1990. Until now. Armor All has rolled out its Custom Shield Coating line of products, a spray-on layer of protection that should provide some added peace of mind when getting around. The Armor All Custom Shield uses an aerosol application in clear, white, or black to spray a smooth liner onto the car, indiscernible when transparent but far safer than going without a liner. In black or white, the Custom Shield Coating can contrast with paint, helping make racing stripes or stenciled numbers instead of resorting to quick, tacky fixes like masking tape. When it comes time to remove the liners, they all peel right off. No tools are ever needed. An easy fix that costs a fraction of the hundreds of dollars those bulky vinyl bras can command, the Armor All Custom Shield Coating complements the rest of Armor All's line of car care protection items to maintain a vehicle's appearance. So whether you're just worried about small stones chipping away at your paint, or you're concerned about taking your car to an autocross or race course, where you could hit debris at speeds, Armor All has you covered. About the only thing it won't help with is a deer. Or an oncoming car. Source: Armor All