Aston Martin Lagonda. Bad Timing?

By Automotive Staff | October 21, 2008
Even in the midst of an economic recession, the high end auto market has remained steady. Steady enough it seems, for Aston Martin to revive the Lagonda nameplate. It would be part of a two pronged attack in which the exotic luxury car brand would move towards being sports cars with luxurious trimmings, and the Lagonda brand would encompass luxurious cars that happen to be quite quick. The company's model range would likely include a version of the Rapide, as well as an all new Mercedes-Benz S-class competitor. Our Take? Seems like a win win; Aston would get sportier, with no chance of the brand becoming diluted. Again, the folks who can afford such vehicles aren't hit by the economy the way we regular folks have been (unless they're relying on stocks and such for their wealth).
via Automobile Magazine