Aston Martin Pimps James Bond Relationship With “Q By Aston Martin,” Because James Bond

By Blake Z. Rong | March 05, 2012
So, Aston Martin has this connection with James Bond. In case you had been living on Hugo Drax’s moon base, James Bond tends to drive a lot of Aston Martins, see, and Aston Martin rather likes this James Bond fellow. James Bond makes Aston Martin look good, and people who aren’t James Bond and want to be James Bond buy Aston Martin vehicles in the hopes of looking like James Bond, who is an imaginary character and most certainly does not have a bald spot and a Tommy Bahama loose-fit Hawaiian shirt. And now, Aston Martin’s exclusive customization range is slavishly called “Q by Aston Martin,” after, well, you know, the guy in those James Bond movies that does stuff for James Bond. (If you don’t know, then you haven’t watched Moonraker enough.) Q by Aston Martin—we assume that the company’s salesmen will expect you to spell out the phrase in its entirety—can customize everything on your Aston Martin, as expected from such a bespoke company with a six-figure price tag. Want a Virage with a purple headliner and lime-green stitching on the ostrich-skin seats? Q by Aston Martin will do that for you. Want a pink, studded DBS Volante that resembles a four-wheeled Angelyne? Q by Aston Martin takes all major black cards. Want a Cygnet with raspberry paint with a kestrel tan interior and a matching foldable bicycle, for that extra bit of guilt-assuaging bonus? In fact, that’s exactly what Q by Aston Martin will be showing off at the Geneva Motor Show. Hell, do you want a Cygnet in the first place? Like the bespoke customizers of many high-end companies, Q by Aston Martin has a readily available range of customization accessories for discerning customers, including—and confirming your deepest suspicions about 1999 Honda Civic DXs with rear appendages large enough to achieve flight—a giant aluminum spoiler on the back of your DBS convertible, handy for lashing equally-bespoke luggage to it. The DBS Volante that will be joining the Cygnet will have this on the back to complement its satin Mariana Blue paint, diamond turned wheels, an HD camera installed in the headliner, and seats that might look familiar to DIY mustard enthusiasts.
Sadly, no machine guns or submarine capability will be included in the options list, but there will probably be a pop-up martini shaker if you ask politely enough. What’s more, Aston Martin claims that “Q by Aston Martin can help to design and procure luxury items beyond the customers’ car,” and it has some helpful suggestions: Q could provide an architect to help design a customer’s house, or choose between chartreuse or Satin Souffle semi-gloss on your yacht. Q will also, presumably, take your mother-in-law shopping and file your taxes in an expected manner concurrent with Al Capone’s. If the rest of your life needs a boost of understated British sophistication—or the disapproving scowls of floppy-haired blokes as you wander cackling into a paint catalog—then Q by Aston Martin is just a phone call away. Sadly, however James Bond could not be reached for comment. Source: Aston Martin