Aston Martin Quietly Shows off Limited Edition DBS Ultimate Model Online

By Trevor Dorchies | May 10, 2012
With minimal fanfare, Aston Martin has quietly unveiled the limited edition DBS Ultimate model on its website, showcasing understated changes. Only 100 units will be produced, and this DBS model is likely to be the last of its kind. This is a surprising move as no pricing or even a press release announcing the DBS Ultimate's existence has been made public. Still, we now know that the limited edition DBS Ultimate will be available in coupe and convertible Volante when it comes to market and three exterior colors will be available.  A neat little feature that will be added to these limited edition DBS Ultimate models is the vehicle's badge will sport a unique color found only on that specific car. The rear decklid will also sport a gloss or satin finish with a number plate surround designed specifically for that exact vehicle. Other features include Zircotec-coated exhaust tips, carbon fiber wing mirrors, darkened head and taillights and a brake caliper choice or either red, yellow, or black. As for what's inside the DBS Ultimate, diamond-shaped quilt stitching with your choice or either red or silver stitching is available. Leather seats are standard, of course. A red "S" can be found on the DBS' headrest, a design detail seen exclusively in this limited edition model. The paddle shifters also carry on the theme of red accents as both have been outfitted with "spicy red" leather trim.
The Aston Martin limited edition DBS Ultimate will be available in your choice of an automatic or manual transmissions. What really makes this DBS special is that it's likely to be the last of its kind as Aston Martin will be replacing the model with something new soon. Stay tuned to as Aston Martin releases more information about the limited edition DBS Ultimate as well as pricing too. Source: Aston Martin