Aston Martin takes on Smart Car with Cygnet Concept. Say what?

By Automotive Staff | December 23, 2009
Aston Martin has released official photos of their Cygnet Concept car. Based mainly on Toyota’s European iQ microcar, the Cygnet features several Aston Martin design cues such as the distinct front grill that lies at the front and center and wraparound taillights along with an interior wrapped in red and black leather. While only a concept right now, Aston Martin hopes to put the Cygnet into production by late 2010. Our take? While the idea of a “micro-Aston” may seem appalling, Aston Martin believes the Cygnet will compliment the DB9 and V8 Vantage. We, on the other hand, hope they do a major redesign. The Cygnet looks too much like a Smartcar with an Aston Martin grill bolted onto the front. via Automobile Magazine