Audi 170 Horsepower, 42 MPG Engine Not For U.S....Yet

By Joel Arellano | August 08, 2011
Audi's recently released specs on its upcoming 1.8-liter turbo fuel stratified injection (TFSI) engine had our enthusiast and everyday driver sides drooling over the (virtual) spec page. The four-cylinder gasoline engine generates an impressive 170 horsepower. Fuel economy, though, is projected to be staggering: near 41 mpg. Audi achieves this by using two different fuel injection systems. At cruising speeds, the new engine uses a more fuel injection technique that has been optimized for fuel efficiency. When rolling from a stop or at full throttle, a more advanced system takes over for more power. The cooling system has also been redesigned with an advanced electronic control mechanism that is optimized for reducing emissions. In spite of the new engine's complexities, Audi has also reduced the engine's weight by nearly eight pounds. The 1.8 TFSI is the base engine of the updated Audi A5 lineup in Europe.
Our take? Currently, the Audi 1.8 TFSI engine is available only in Europe, alongside several diesel engines. When asked about bringing the engine across the pond, Audi of America said it was not in the company's current plans, "though it could always change in the future." Here's hoping said change is by year's end. Source: Audi
jake simmons
jake simmons

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