Audi A2 Concept: Practicality with Cool Futuristic Tech

By Matthew Askari | September 08, 2011
Audi's A2 all electric concept will debut next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but unlike the Audi Urban Concept, which will also be making its first public appearance, we may see the A2 soon again. The A2 moniker is carried over from a production car that debuted in Europe in 2000, but never made it stateside. While dimensions are almost identical to that car, everything else has been re-imagined. The new A2 has gone all techy on us, and in a good way. The A2 concept is powered by an electric motor that delivers 116-hp and a range of 124 miles. Top speed is reported at 93 mph and 0-60 time is hovering just above nine seconds. Those may not be super exciting for Audi's die-hard enthusiast fanbase, but the car is made for "electric driving in the megacities of the future." Urban dwellers will be able to zip around comfortably, as the A2's roomy cabin offers seating for four, despite its small size. Like any concept, the A2 boasts some decidedly cool features. For example, the glass roof can turn opaque or transparent at the push of a button thanks to an electric charge applied to tiny particles in the glass. Another Jetsons-era feature is a "semi-autonomous" driving mode that acts as a "convenience feature," where the car will take over driving, handy when you're in the thick of traffic.
While the A2 sounds pretty futuristic, a version without the high-tech features will likely launch sometime in 2013, with powered diesel and gas versions to follow. Some of the technology may still be some years away from being in production models, but the A2 has the bones to become a reality. Practical seating and similar dimensions to a previous production car bode well for the small concept. Source: Audi