Audi and MIT Team Up to Quantify Frustration

According to findings from an Audi and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) study, driving in traffic is almost as stressful as skydiving. Audi partnered up with MIT to better its understanding on the impact of frustration on motorists. This research will help validate how the latest driver assists and connectivity can help ease the stress of daily driving. The Road Frustration Index (RFI) will focus on the individual factors that cause driver frustration, giving Audi insight into possible solutions for safer and more enjoyable driving. This method uses skin conductance sensors, facial/body tracking, and environmental recordings. Results were compared to other daily activities such as taking a test or playing sports to make the end findings more relatable and accurate. "In addition to daily driving conditions, we are measuring stress levels under a variety of daily activities: at home, in the office, while having breakfast or attending a lecture at MIT. We found that certain driving situations can be one of the most stressful activities in our lives," said Kael Greco, project leader, MIT SENSEable City Laboratory, in a recent interview.
To properly calibrate frustration, MIT designed different experiments to measure stress and frustration during real-world driving, using physiological sensors and face and body tracking technology. GPS trackers measured the subject's location and speed, cameras monitored both the driver and the driving environment, and a modified Microsoft Kinect sensor was used to track body movements. "Cities, blanketed with networks and digital devices, are developing new forms of intelligence. The same is happening inside our cars, which are increasingly filled with different kinds of connected sensors. From the intersection of these two trends will emerge tomorrow's mobility systems--starting from the next generation of autonomous vehicles," commented Professor Carlo Ratti, director, MIT SENSEable City Laboratory. The website for the experiment will allows visitors to view the video documentation and explore the interactive maps and stress charts to better understand the correlation between stress and frustration and how they are quantified. Source: Audi

Great combination of Audi with MIT..this surely figure out the solution of getting rid of the stress while driving...