Audi Helps You Find a Parking Spot

It's always difficult finding off-street parking, but thanks to Audi's new INRIX Park, a real-time navigation service for Audi Connect subscribers, drivers can now get information on participating parking locations throughout North America and Europe. The new system was demonstrated for the first time last week at the Telematics Detroit 2013 conference. It is available immediately, and has made Audi the first automaker to offer this type of service. "By offering the ability to easily navigate to the best parking spot available for their vehicle, Audi has further simplified and improved the owner experience," said Filip Brabec, Director of Product Management, Audi of America, in a statement. When using the INRIX Park system, Audi connect customers have the ability to compare rates, gauge the proximity to their destination, and get turn-by-turn directions to the entrances of over 18,000 participating parking locations. The participating parking locations will continue to grow as data for available spaces builds. Specific features of the INRIX system include finding available parking that is closest to the destination, the ability to save locations, compare prices and distances of parking spaces, and navigate the most direct route to the closest parking entrance to the vehicle's current location. "With drivers looking for parking accounting for up to a third of all traffic in our cities, INRIX Park demonstrates how new data driven services can help drivers save time and frustration on the road," commented Bryan Mistele, President and CEO of INRIX. Source: Audi