Audi Plans Premium Version of Volkswagen up!

By Matthew Askari | November 16, 2013
As Audi continues to expand its lineup, it appears the luxury German automaker may produce a car that would slot under the Audi A1. According to a report in the UK's Auto Express, the car would be based on the Volkswagen up! We've previously inquired with VW about the likelihood of the up! coming to America, and it looks like there are no plans to bring the subcompact runabout here, at present. And although the Audi A0 up! would likely have a more powerful 1.0-liter 109 horsepower engine, or possibly use a version of the Volkswagen XL1's hybrid powertrain, the car is still unlikely to come to America. But Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has said he would like to see the car in production in the second half of this decade. With a relatively quick development phase, it's possible such a car could be cruising the streets of Europe around 2017. The Audi subcompact would receive special Audi design cues, such as advanced headlights, LED taillights, and the familiar Audi trapezoidal grille. The interior would be sure to get a premium makeover as well, and the car would carry a price tag above the Volkswagen up!, but below the Audi A1. We'll continue to follow up with Audi on the new subcompact's development.
Source: Auto Express