Audi R8: Porsche Has Competition At Los Angeles Auto Show

By Joel Arellano | December 07, 2006
Paragraphimage Though the Audi R8 debuted on U.S. at the Audi Forum in New York in October, the Los Angeles Auto Show was the first opportunity for the public to view it closely. Specifications were already provided in an earlier post. We were quite surprised when we got our first glimpse was how small it was in real life. This is appropriate since Audi targeted Porsche and its Carrera GT as its goal when developing the sports car. (Ironically, Porsche is a major shareholder of Volkswagen, Audi’ parent company.) Will the R8 live up to its promise? While we were more than impressed, it remains to be seen if consumers—voting with their dollars—will remain as well when the car goes on sale next year. Additional article: Audi R8: A peek into the future Via Audi Paragraphimage Paragraphimage Paragraphimage Paragraphimage
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