Audi Spoofs Effeminate Vampires In Latest Super Bowl Ad

By Blake Z. Rong | January 26, 2012
Or just regular vampires, even. They might even sparkle when lit by Audi's LED headlights—but we won't know until the Super Bowl rolls around in early February, and we get a full glimpse of the Twilight-spoofing ad. This is Audi's fifth year producing a big-budget Super Bowl ad, and their past commercials have been equally memorable: remember Jason Statham crashing a BMW through a Jazzercise billboard? Or a guillotined Roller? With the teaser it released, we shall wait and see whether the James Van Der Beek lookalike above will get office workers talking around the proverbial water cooler, as is the intention with the Super Bowl's always attention-grabbing spots. And despite the minute or so length, the Audi ad will still probably be a better love story than all four books combined.