Audi to Build a Q1 Crossover?

By Matthew Askari | January 18, 2012
A report from Britain's What Car suggests Audi is considering building a Q1 small SUV. Audi has been aggressively expanding its lineup to snatch up incremental segments that could help further bolster the luxury German automaker's sales, and a Q1 appears to be a plausible car. The small crossover would be based on the mechanicals and infrastructure of Audi's A1 model—available in Europe but still some years off from a U.S. debut. Audi recently added a five-door A1 Sportback model which joins the original three-door A1. An Audi insider says "we are not looking at what other manufacturers are doing, but we are looking at different body types." For comparison, Buick recently unveiled its 2013 Encore, in hopes of capturing the growing compact crossover market. The Encore is powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine capable of producing 140-hp. Audi currently uses two gasoline and two diesel powered engines for its A1, and to be competitive it would need to be at or above the 2013 Buick Encore's 140-hp. While the Q1 appears to be a very makeable car, don't expect a topless model as Audi fears it would cut into the A3 Cabriolet sales. Audi recently said it would build a Q6, to compete with the BMW X6 which has seen great success. BMW is expected to build a smaller SUV as well, along the lines of the Q1 and Encore. Still, in Audi's case, it appears we're some years away from a production Q1.
Source: What Car