Downshift Episode 41: Audi's Quattro Division Shows Us How to Make Supercars

By Jacob Brown | November 20, 2012
Much as BMW has its M division and Mercedes-Benz can turn to AMG when they want to make fast cars, Audi relies on its own in-house tuner, Quattro GmbH. Have you ever wondered how much autonomy a brand like that could have from the mother ship to go off and make its own radically sporty cars? A lot. On this week's episode of Motor Trend's "Downshift" YouTube program, we're taken behind the scenes in Quattro's manufacturing plant that pumps out the Audi R8 supercar and RS 5 coupe--as well as the RS 3, RS 4, and RS 6 that aren't sold in the U.S. We're shown the dedication the German automaker puts into making its more exclusive, high-horsepower cars, as they're built by a group of workers who specialize in Quattro's products, as so much of them are built by hand. The cars are built to exacting standards that could survive anything from a bumper-to-bumper commute through traffic to all-out weekend track days. There have always been jokes that Germans are a little more Type A than the rest of us. This video is only going to go further in affirming that notion. Check it out for yourself below.

Source: The Downshift via YouTube

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