Auto Safety Groups target Enterprise's Rental of Recalled Vehicles

By Joel Arellano | August 11, 2010
Washington-based Center for Auto Safety, and Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety, a California-based group, recently submitted a petition for Enterprise Rent-a-Car to halt renting vehicles that have been recalled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The groups decry the practice as "deceptive". States Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, “Only strong FTC enforcement action will stop Enterprise from renting unsafe vehicles to consumers and send a message to all rental-car companies to park recalled cars until fixed." Enterprise counters that the company already has policies to identify rentals that have been recalled and are always working to speed the process. However, it points out that even the automakers don't request car owners to immediately stop driving recalled vehicles. Instead, most recalls and service bullentins provide instruction on when and how such vehicles are appropriately processed. The groups have submitted the petition to the Federal Trade Commission. Our take? We have to side with Enterprise here. The vast majority are the recalls make no sense to immediately halt use of the vehicle. via Bloomberg
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