Autoinfotaiment to add 3D

By Automotive Staff | April 28, 2008
It seems that finally all that cool technologies promised to us in sci-fi movies are finally making their way to reality. One such technology that was also described at a World’s Fair in Vancouver, Canada in the mid 1980s and also was featured in the “Star Wars” movies is holograms. Now comes word that a concept car from Daihatsu is showcasing hologram technology in displaying data from its dashboard gauges. Although the gauges appear two dimensional, information and warnings from them appear in 3-D holographics. Sounds cool! But some people caution that it could be a distraction for the driver. What the heck, there’s so many distractions for the driver now with warning lights and tones and female voices and such coming on when the new safety technologies are engaged. What’s one more distraction going to do? It’s just something else we’re all going to get used to. Besides, it still is really cool!!