Automakers Eye Berry, Brown, and Green for Future Car Colors

By Joel Arellano | July 25, 2012
Future cars are going to get greener. No, we don't mean stricter emissions requirements or that they'll cost more cash, although both are also true. No, get ready for a spectrum shift, as car buyers turn a blind eye to current exterior paints black, white, and silver and turn to more "naturally cultivated" hues like copper covering their future auto. That's the finding from automotive supplier BASF Automotive Coatings. Says technical manager Paul Czornij, "Although popular staple colors such as silver, black and white make up approximately 50 to 80 percent of current production, there is a rich diversity of potential shades that are returning to the market. The increasing inclination of society to celebrate beauty in earth tones and more traditional green and blue hues is the basis for this trend." The supplier based its findings from color experts based in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. BASF predicts earth colors like green will become more prevalent in the next four to five years.'s take: How do you feel about a berry-colored Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class? A green Chevy Volt? Brown Dodge Dart? Or do you continue to see black, white, and silver continuing to be the dominate choice for car color for the foreseeable future? As always, let us know in the comments below. Source: Detroit News