Automakers Rank as Four of Top 10 "Best Global Green Brands" of 2012

By Jacob Brown | June 28, 2012
If you believe cars are smog-belching tools of destruction and their makers are soulless profiteers who take pride in destroying the planet, that notion couldn't be further from the truth. Interbrand, a company marketing and research firm, says an automaker is actually the best global green brand of 2012, as are four of the top 10. Ranking the top 50 "green" brands, Interbrand says Toyota hits number one on its list for "unparalleled sustainability leadership." Additionally, with its Prius line of cars acting as a green halo for the Toyota brand, Interbrand says the automaker is not only conserving in its manufacturing processes, but is also showing how to lead with green technologies, too.
Following Toyota, Honda takes third place, Volkswagen sits in fourth, and BMW ekes into the top 10 at, you guessed it, 10th place. Other automakers recognized for their environmentally friendly ambassadorship are Ford in 15th place, Mercedes-Benz in 16th place, Hyundai in 17th place, and Nissan in 21st place. Interestingly enough, Shell Oil is also on the list in 34th place, one of the largest refiners of petroleum. Interbrand says Shell makes the cut because of its conservation projects in wetlands and other eco-friendly activities. Interbrand says it ranked its top 50 based on perception versus reality and consistency in green initiatives. It also ranked the companies based on green leadership and credibility with respective programs. Keeping all that in mind, to say Toyota, one of the world's largest autromakers, is Interbrand's best global green brand—and for a second year in a row—is quite a change of direction from where automakers were just several short decades ago. Source: Interbrand