Awesome Video Highlights Major Seatbelt Problem

By Keith Buglewicz | May 16, 2012
Fame comes in a wide variety of flavors these days, and YouTube's enormous reach must account for the vast majority of them. Case in point: The "drummer kid," who wakes up in the back seat playing imaginary drums as his sister and half brother blast Nirvana's "Breed" over the car audio. Everyone laughs, kid gets a few million views on YouTube, and everything's fine, right? Well, almost. The video highlights a disturbing problem, and we're not talking about eardrum-shattering grunge rock. Take a good look at the boy's seatbelt, specifically, how it cuts across his neck. It's classic bad seatbelt fit, and rather than help prevent injuries in an accident, a belt this badly placed could actually make things worse.
Seatbelts seem like the easiest thing to use: Pull it out, buckle it, and you're done. For adults, that's true, but it's a different story for kids. It's well known that infants and toddlers should be in special car and booster seats. But a survey by the University of Michigan published in the journal Academic Pediatrics last year showed that 37 percent of kids between 4-9 years old weren't in a booster, and that 78 percent of them reported an ill-fitting seatbelt as a result. Seatbelts are designed for adult passengers, even those with adjustable mounts. Kids should be in a booster seat until they're big enough for the shoulder belt to go across their shoulder, and for the lap belt to go across their hips. If your kid complains about being in a booster, remind him or her that they can see out of the car windows better with it. If they still complain, remind your darling little one that you're the parent, and you make the rules. It really is for their own good. By the way, the brother and sister in the video below have acknowledged that the junior drummer wasn't belted in properly. No word if they bought a booster or not.

Source: Academic Pediatrics, YouTube