Bark, Bark-Bark-Bark! (Subaru is Anthropomorphically Approved!)

By Jason Davis | January 31, 2012
Thirteen. That's how many new 30-second anthropomorphically-themed dog videos Subaru recently filmed. On Subaru's YouTube channel, in one neat and numbered list, you can watch dogs ski, camp, parallel park, hit the drive thru, and visit the pet store, among other people'y things. Oh, and the dogs all drive Subaru's en route to doing the people'y things. Because, everyone loves dogs, right? Such good sports, they are, even as they guard the gates of the Underworld. But not these dogs, nope. Subaru's dogs are more like Dug. Who is just like us. They represent the best of us. Even during those weird college years, never losing that sense of humor. And also the less-best of us. Through thick and thin, we love them. Kind of like our cars. My take: I own two dogs. And two Subaru's. My dogs love both my Subaru's. That is all. Source: YouTube