Behind the Wheel: 2013 Dodge Journey Crew

By Trevor Dorchies | March 21, 2013
Many families have the same problem. Do you buy the minivan or look elsewhere and try to make it work? Luckily for those sitting on the fence, there's the crossover segment, or a smaller SUV that usually sits on a car chassis. It's the perfect solution for those who are in need of extra seats but don't have or want to spend extra money on getting into something bigger. One of those examples is the 2013 Dodge Journey Crew, which recently spent a week with us doing crossover things like going grocery shopping and hauling around a bunch of people. The Dodge Journey doesn't garner the attention like its competition from Honda and Toyota. To the Journey's defense, though, it hasn't been around as long. It was also released during that whole bankruptcy ordeal that two out of the three major American automakers went through. Now, after a few years on the market and a direct beneficiary of Chrysler's rebounding cash flow, the Journey has been quietly improved upon. A refined interior featuring Chrysler Group's 8.4-inch touchscreen with Uconnect greets you as you step into the Journey. Underneath the hood, Chrysler Group's 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine provides the power and is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Do these improvements make the 2013 Dodge Journey a worthy competitor in a segment filled with offerings from Toyota and Honda? We spent a week with it to find out for ourselves. See what we found in our 2013 Dodge Journey Crew Road Test for yourself.