Being "Lost in Thought" Leads to Driving Fatalities

According to police data, most fatal driving accidents are not caused by drivers distracted by their mobile phones, but rather their own thoughts. Ten percent of fatal accidents involved at least one driver who was distracted, said Erie Insurance Group in a statement yesterday. In their findings, the insurance group said that 62 percent of the time drivers are 'lost in thought,' compared to the much smaller 12 percent that use their mobile phones while behind the wheel. Many insurance agencies have publicized the risks of distracted driving, encouraging drivers to focus on the road and their driving, rather than phones, food, pets, or other potential distractions. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety wants drivers to identify and neutralize thoughts or other distractions that result in daydreaming. The foundation also recommends the "what if" game to keep driver's minds fully on the road ahead by asking themselves how they would react to certain road situations. April has been declared National Distracted Driving Awareness Month by the US Department of Transportation to help keep drivers focused on the road. Geico has begun to advise drivers to avoid eating while driving and to ignore phones, as well as to limit the number of passengers in the vehicle. Pets, food, and conversations with other occupants are the biggest distractions while driving, according the Erie Insurance Group's statement. The data was compiled by police judgment as drivers were reluctant to tell officers about their lack of attention on the road in front of them. Source: Automotive News