Bentley Mulsanne Theatre and iPad Options: Make Your "Occupy" Jokes

By Blake Z. Rong | March 03, 2012
Have you ever asked yourself, "why, I love my handcrafted, Connolly-lined $300,000 luxury ship, but it's just lacking that extra touch of lugg-jury?" Well you're in luck Mr. Ewing, because Bentley is adding enough in-car entertainment and luxury features on top of the Mulsanne to make sure captains of industry never have to leave their car while passing through a (now suspiciously quiet) protest movement, or even leave their cars at all. Does a car really need something called a Theatre specification? If you're a Texan oil baron, then that's not even a question. For those on-the-go corporate takeovers, executives can do work with/play Words With Friends on an installed Mac computer and two LED screens, one per headrest. An additional television screen drops down from the ceiling, mere inches from one's face, for nearsighted individuals like yours truly. On the iPad specification, Apple's minimalistic keyboards fold out from the mahogany tray tables (nine wood finishes are available in total). iPads are included in the front seatbacks. An iPod Touch, which docks right into the center console, controls DVD, MP3, and other multimedia elements. But wait, there's more: A bottle cooler is nestled behind a frosted glass door, which slides open at the touch of a button. It is designed in such a way to position two champagne bottles at the right angle for decanting. Three hand-blown, hand-cut David Redman of London crystal champagne flutes, designed to mimic the Bentley Mulsanne's 21-inch five-spoke Sports aluminum-alloy wheels, rest in bespoke chrome flute holders in the center console and illuminated by white LED accent lights. Those wheels, by the way, are each cut from a solid piece of forged aluminium billet and massaged by hand over three hours from 187 to 30 pounds, then ceramic-polished with small pebbles for a mirror finish. They are a $5,800 option. A matching Tibaldi Bentley edition 24-karat fountain pen (retail price: $8,200) is available as an option, complete with its own teak-lined, leather-wrapped console holder.
But of course. The Theatre specification will come in at around $12,000, or a mere 4 percent of the Mulsanne's $291,295 starting price. Fortunately for inquiring owners,the Apple cred means that they can park in front of the local organic free-trade Rainforest Alliance sustainable coffee house guilt-free, while simultaneously allowing their drivers to go out and deal with the riff-raff. We'd mention something about the Occupy Wall Street movement, but it's cliche at this point—and being caught up in the contemporary zeitgeist, they've fallen a bit silent. Source: Bentley