Bentley recalls Nearly 600 Cars due to Ornament Corrosion

By Automotive Staff | September 21, 2010
Bentley, in compliance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has issued a recall. The issue stems with the famed hood ornament still found on the luxury marquee. If you're wondering why most cars don't come with hood ornaments any more, or why the ones that do have them on springs, pedestrian crash safety regulations have a lot to do with it. Bentley skirted the issue with a "Flying B" hood ornament that retracts into the hood in the event or a crash, or someone trying to steal it. Unfortunately, the retracting mechanism appears to have penchant for corroding, which could prevent it from retracting and injuring a pedestrian in a crash. Thus, Bentley dealers will replace the retracting mechanism free of charge, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and hood ornaments alike. The recall will begin on or before September 27, 2010 under Bentley Safety Recall No. RE10/04 and NHTSA Recall ID No. 10V411000.
via NHTSA courtesy of Automobile Magazine Staff

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