Bentley Releases Teaser Video and New Fragrance

By | February 19, 2013
Bentley has released a 38 second teaser for the upcoming release of the upcoming Bentley Flying Spur, a vehicle that combines luxury and performance...for the price of a house. On February 20, 2013, the new Bentley Flying Spur will be unveiled. The video released on YouTube showcases only minimal details of what can be expected. Glimpses of the front, side and rear are all that is visible on the vehicle. The simplistic elements of the video make the viewer focus all attention on the car. All that's given in the short teaser are the words "understand," where we see the front left side of the car; "refined," where a glimpse of the back end can be seen; and "quietly powerful," where the front end becomes visible for a few seconds. After all this, there is a moment where we hear and see the car on the road. This teaser gives just enough to keep the viewer interested and wanting more. With the message of the February 20 release, there's no doubt viewers will be back to see what exactly the new Flying Spur will look like. The new Bentley Flying Spur will be placed among the top of the Bentley lineup, marking its first return to the market since 2009.
Along with the release of the teaser video, Bentley announced the release of a fragrance line for men. As the automaker's first luxury fragrance, it brings together two world-renowned brands, including Lalique, a master French crystal maker. "This collaboration has allowed the transportation of Bentley brand core attributes into luxury fragrance," said Lindsay Weaver, Director of Licensing at Bentley Motors. With two options--Bentley for Men, and Bentley for Men Intense--both fragrances have been created by Nathalie Lorson, a top French perfumer from the Firmenich house. "I chose cedar because of its powerful unadulterated scent and patchouli for its sensual depth and natural elegance," commented Lorson. The difference between the two fragrances is the addition of geranium for the 'Bentley for Men Intense' fragrance. The bottle is finely wrought in gleaming crystal, with the "Flying B" Bentley mascot featured on the front. Bentley says the fragrance itself has fine woody notes and orris butter accord, creating a sensual and charismatic character. Pricing for the 'Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition' ranges from roughly $4,650, with the 'Bentley for Men' fragrance costing $70 for a 60 ml bottle, $92 for a 100 ml bottle, and the 'Bentley for Men Intense' fragrance costing $107 for a 100 ml bottle. Also available are an after shave balm and hair and body shampoo, priced at $50 and $40, respectively. The collection will be limited to 999 pieces and will only be available at select retailers beginning in April 2013.'s take: The idea of a luxury perfume from an automaker is a leap to a different market that I don't think Bentley should have made. Although the automaker feels it has set itself up for success, this could potentially be a major flop. Who would want to buy this fragrance? It's expensive and there are other, less expensive male fragrances that smell extremely similar. Especially with the limited number of items being produced, it seems as though Bentley isn't concerned so much about the profit, but offering their customers even more exclusivity. I want to know the why behind the fragrance line. Source: Newspress, Bentley via YouTube