Best Buy preps to sell Electric Vehicles

By Automotive Staff | July 09, 2009
Many pundits were saying that once Chrysler and General Motors break the power of the dealerships as the major distribution network for selling vehicles, then we would see out-of-the-ordinary shops selling vehicles. Well, apparently it is beginning to happen. Best Buy, a major retail chain that offers consumer electronics products, will soon be selling so-called green vehicles. This includes electric-powered scooters, bicycles, and Segways. One models is the Brammo Enertia, described as a futuristic electric motorcycle. It is said that the Brammo has a range of 45 miles and can travel at speeds of up to 50 miles an hour. It plugs into a standard wall outlet. Not every store will be selling EVs. Right now only 19 locations, located in California, Oregon, and Washington, will be offering product. via Wall Street Journal