Best-Selling Cars in November by Segment

By | December 03, 2013
Whether it was because of Black Friday, the end of the government shutdown, or a general pent-up demand for cars, automakers posted strong sales in November. Refreshed product lineups and improved quality have benefited many automakers, making it a very competitive field out there. General Motors, Chrysler, and Toyota each posted double digit sales increases and were some of the major winners last month, but other automakers managed to make their biggest mark in certain vehicle segments. Check out the best-selling cars in November:
Subcompact: Nissan Versa, 8,327
An unlikely winner, Nissan stole the subcompact segment with the Versa small car. We can think of one simple reason why this car is the winner: It is absurdly affordable and achieves good fuel economy, two qualities subcompact buyers are looking for. The Versa's primary competitors fell far behind: The Chevrolet Sonic came in at 4,712, the Ford Fiesta at 4,642, and the Hyundai Accent at 4,641.
Compact: Honda Civic, 26,291
The Honda Civic bested the Toyota Corolla in top sales for the compact segment last month. This is despite the fact that an all-new Civic is set to be released in December, while the new Corolla was already out on the market. The Corolla fell behind with just 22,434 sales while the Chevrolet Cruze snagged 18,200 buys.
Mid-Size Family Sedan: Toyota Camry, 30,386
Surprise, surprise. The Toyota Camry wins again. But maybe it is a bit of a surprise that the Camry won out against its perennial rival, the Honda Accord. The Accord came in second place despite receiving a full redesign for 2013. The Camry can use a few updates to improve its stodgy image and keep up its place in a crowded segment. Nevertheless, the car continues to lure in hoards of buyers by promising reliability and comfort.
Large Sedan: Chevrolet Impala, 13,418
The all-new redesigned Chevrolet Impala is a huge step up from the previous version, and we see this improvement reflected in sales. Sales for the model are up 20 percent because of its more refined interior, better performance, and technology features. Although this segment of the auto industry is not as popular as it once was, buyers looking for a spacious sedan may find a good home in the Impala.
Two-Row Crossover: Honda CR-V, 23,509
The Honda CR-V is known for its reliability and versatility. Last month, 23,509 copies were sold, beating out the Ford Escape by a few thousand sales. There were many other competitors in the segment that gave the CR-V a run for its money as well. The Toyota RAV4 was another close contender as well as the Chevrolet Equinox.
Larger Crossover: Ford Explorer, 13,220
While not as popular as the smaller and mid-size crossover segments, larger crossovers do have a place for hauling plenty of people. Although sales for the model were down almost 9 percent, the Explorer managed to retain its number one spot on the large crossover list from last month. The Toyota Highlander was its main rival, achieving 11,544 sales. The next closest competitor was the Honda Pilot.
Minivan: Chrysler Town & Country, 11,288
As the originator of the minivan, it is only fitting that Chrysler would maintain its status as top dog in the segment. The Chrysler Town & Country outsold a rival within the same corporate umbrella, the Dodge Grand Caravan. The Honda Odyssey came in third place with just over 9,400 sales while the Toyota Sienna lagged behind.
Truck: Ford F-Series, 65,501
The F-Series has been the best-selling vehicle in America for three decades, so it is no wonder that it also topped sales last month. The popular truck line scored about double the sales of its main competitors. Despite its old age, the F-Series prevailed against newer redesigned rivals including the Chevrolet Silverado (34,386) and Ram pickup line (29,635). Still, Ram is quickly picking up its pace in the segment. The Ram line is now the fastest growing pickup line, jumping in sales from 22 percent from the same time last year.
Luxury Car: BMW 3 Series/4 Series, 13,148
In its sales report, BMW lumped together two groups of cars, which makes sense since the 4 Series takes off where the discontinued 3 Series coupe and convertible left off. Over 13,000 of the 3 and 4 Series cars were sold last month, beating out Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Other top sellers were the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C-Class cars.
Luxury Crossover/SUV: Lexus RX, 9,493
This is not a particularly high volume segment, but there is a lot of interest here. Although Lexus lags behind in sales from BMW and Mercedes-Benz in overall sales, it takes the cake in this group. The RX beat out the BMW X5 by a huge margin, as that car sold only 4,445 copies. Surprisingly, a closer competitor was an underdog: the Acura MDX at 6,091.
Sports Car: Ford Mustang, 5,376 It is impossible to compare apples to oranges, but in this case, we will try. Last month, the Mustang narrowly beat out its perennial nemesis, the Camaro (5,068). These cars are both popular with consumers because they are relatively affordable but provide buyers with a visceral V8 power experience. We are excited to see this race play out in the future.