Beware the $325,500 eBay Maybach Exelero

By Automotive Staff | December 09, 2008
A three hundred grand Maybach Exelero? Maybe in your wettest dreams, but not in this lifetime. A company called Ikit Exotic Cars and Luxury Yachts, run by Mark Sanford, is offering to build replicas of elite vehicles, like the Exelero, for a fraction of the price. Sanford is also tossing in a 3 year/30,000 mile warranty to sweeten the deal. Sound like a good deal?
No, no it isn’t. On the eBay listing, there is not a single photo of the replica vehicles, merely stock shots of real Maybachs. Of course, none of the parts used in the originals will be present either. Our take? Instead of a knockoff, spend the $300,000 on a Porsche, or buy your grandkids their first car. Why spend more than some people make in a year on a fake? There truly is a market for everything. via World Auto News & Reviews
Edmonton Chrysler
Edmonton Chrysler

I don't know if anyone took this bait. More 300,000 worth of dollars can buy you more than ten vehicles already. Seriously...